Read Linda Ikeji Wealth and net worth

Linda Ikeji is a famous Nigerian writer, blogger, model and entrepreneur. In the past few years, she has gained quite a popularity for herself and her blog, and with that popularity, came wealth. Find out the answer to the question ‘How much is Linda Ikeji worth?

Who is Linda Ikeji?

Before we start talking about Linda Ikeji’s wealth and net worth, let’s take a moment to talk about the woman herself. Linda was born on September 19, 1980 in Imo State. Her family was never very wealthy, so she quickly understood that she could only rely on herself if she were ever to become successful. From the early years, she realized that she liked writing, so she started it out as a hobby.

Cut to 2006, when she Soon, the blog became so popular that she was able to get herself her own domain (which you now know as and make a solid career out of blogging.

Linda Ikeji net worth


So how much is Linda Ikeji worth? Well, according to TheNetWorthPortal, she is currently worth the whopping $8.5 million. Previously, it was reported that she was worth even more, although those reports might be unreliable or outdated.

Regardless, $8.5 million is a lot of money! How on earth could Linda Ikeji ever earn that much? For the answer to this question, let’s look at how ads work on her website. If you have ever visited Linda Ikeji’s blog, you might have noticed that it is filled to the brim with ads, which are actually the main source of Linda’s income.


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A year ago, it was reported by yours truly that the various ads on the blog bring Linda Ikeji almost ₦20 million every month, with additional money coming from Google’s AdSense (the exact amount depends on the monthly views). In 2012, it was estimated that the blog was worth over $1 million dollars, so it is hard to imagine how much it would be worth today.

In addition to her blog, Linda also has her own social network,, TV network and online radio, which all operate from her luxurious office of Linda Ikeji Media in Lekki. It is said that it costs Linda ₦10 million every year in rent, but it most likely brings her way more than that.

Now that we have talked about the main sources of her income, let’s take a quick look at her various assets, including her wonderful mansion and a fleet of cars.

Linda Ikeji wealth


One of the most notable assets of Linda Ikeji is, of course, her house. She frequently flaunts it on her social media, claiming that it is the house she has always dreamed of. The gorgeous mansion can be found in the luxurious Banana Island and is said to cost over ₦500 million.

The house consists of six bedrooms, two living rooms, a swimming pool and a cinema room located on three floors. Its size is around 700 square metres, so it would probably able to house her entire extended family and then some.


Apart from the house, Linda also has quite a few rather expensive cars. One of her first purchases was the Toyota Camry, which was the car she always wanted. Later, she bought an Infinity FX 35 and a Range Rover Sport, so the girl travels in style now!

Even Linda’s wardrobe could probably feed the entire city for a month. She is a big lover of expensive brands and couture outfits, and she does not spare any expense on her looks. One of her dresses cost her a whopping ₦1 million, as it was custom-made for her, and she bought it on a charity auction, with proceeds going to various funds for Ebola research.

Linda also does not forget about her family and loved ones. Ikeji bought her parents houses which cost ₦300 million and several cars which amounted to about ₦50 million.


She bought a Toyota Sequoia for her father, an Acura MDX for her mother, a Honda Civic for her manager and a Honda Accord for her brother, so you know she appreciates the people in her life very much.

In addition to that, she gives back to the young girls that want to become entrepreneurs. She has her own charity called I’d Rather Be Self-Made, with which she helps girls aged 16 to 25 to realise their dreams of becoming businesswomen.

As you can see, being a hard worker pays off big time. Taking into account that she came from nothing, Linda Ikeji has managed to make quite a name for herself over the years and improve the lives of those around her. We wish her further successes and hope that she is truly happy